Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Wurst Gallery

Just wanted to point you to The Wurst Gallery, a very cool online gallery that I found a while ago.

Wurst are remarkable for their unique exhibitions, like 'Vintage Vandals' in 2005, where
Each artist was asked to find a framed piece of artwork at their local thrift store and manipulate it into a piece of their own.
The results? Some great pieces, like this one from Driscoll Reid (Aka: Hørne)

(You can tell I have a thing for Low-Brow art, can't you?)

I have my doubts about whether or not an art gallery can exist purely online. But I guess it comes down to the art. If an online gallery can keep coming up with interesting exhibitions and artworks, it has just as much chance of surviving as an offline one, right?


MyCharlieGirl said...

hey ben, its a great mag indeed. you can pick up a copy from magnation, on elizabeth street :) their next issue is the chicas edition and focuses on female artists...i cant wait for that issue!!

cool gallery you off to have a look at it :)

Ben Rowe said...

Thanks Bec,

Magnation - Now there's a cool store!

Something else to spend my dwindling savings on ;)