Friday, September 28, 2007

Galerie Montmarte

I wasn't even looking for art galleries today. But I found a new favourite.

Galerie Montmarte is just off Brunswick St, behind the Labour in Vain. Specialising in original vintage French advertising posters, this gallery has something for the investor and passer by.

When I was in France last year, I was always taking photos of these vintage posters and images. So I guess it was no surprise to me that I enjoyed the gallery.

But there's something very un-pretentious about Galerie Montmarte. Was it the fact that the owner was far more friendly than most gallery owners appear to be? Or is because we can relate to these vintage pop-culture images more than some other art?

Either way, this is an example of a gallery focusing on a specific niche and doing a great job of it. I imagine that the store would have some loyal investors who buy a lot of work in this style. You could tell that Steve, the owner, had a true passion for this type of art. He loved his job, his gallery and that really showed.

I think the story behind this genre of art is easily digestible, meaning that most people could appreciate the price of this work. Having said that, one of the great things about it is the price range. You can buy huge pieces (up to 2 metres high) for up to three or four thousand, or you can walk away (like we did) with a cool little souvenir for $30.

I've visited about 10 galleries in the last couple of days, and I'll be talking about them all shortly. But my experience with Montmarte was so positive, I just couldn't wait to write about it first.

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