Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Location Location

Today I've been thinking about the location of my gallery.

Now I'm a 'North of the River' guy, so my gut feel is either in the city, or inner north. I haven't looked at prices yet (that is, how much it costs to rent a shop), so that's probably a next step.

My guess is that renting a place in the city would be hideously expensive, so it probably rules that out. But I would ideally like to have it somewhere that both locals and tourists could stumble upon it. Ideas include:
  • Gertrude St, Fitzroy - Just a cool street to be on, probably rather pricey
  • Brunswick St, Fitzroy - Not quite what it used to be, but still attracts a lot of foot traffic
  • Smith St / Johnston St, Collingwood - Maybe more affordable
  • High St, Northcote - a little further out of town ... but it's my new hood
Perhaps I shouldn't rule out other areas just yet. But I've always liked this part of town, and think I'm far more suited to running an art gallery here than say, Armadale.

Then again, I guess an art project doesn't necessarily need to be held in the one physical space. Perhaps it could be a roving gallery, with a stand at the Rose St Artist market one day, and somewhere else the next. Or it could be an outdoor gallery like the City-lights project.

I also like the idea of an underground, guerilla style gallery that 'pops up' in different places, not unlike the mobmov guerilla drive-in movement.

I guess it will probably come down to cost, and where I can afford to set something up. But I'm always interested to hear what everyone else thinks.


Jason said...

Have you checked out Albert St in Richmond, there are currently 6 commercial galleries and a new artist studio complex (with 2 artist run spaces) to be opened in October ... its a little arts hub

and as i was walking pass the other day, i saw there was a space for rent!

Ben Rowe said...

No Jason, thanks for the tip - I'll have to check that out.