Sunday, September 9, 2007

Until Never

This weekend I also checked out Until-Never, an awesome gallery just off Hosier Lane in the city (Melbourne, that is).

I looove this gallery. Hidden away off an alley off an alley, and then up two flights of stairs, Until Never doesn't get the passer-by passing by. Which is a big part of the appeal, of course. You have to know about it.

It's got a great atmosphere too - simply a clean space, friendly people, good music and a nice buzz about it for a Friday afternoon. That's the type of feeling I'd be trying to replicate.

Right now, the exhibition 'Hung by the sticky bits' is on, which is a crackin' collection of illustrators, including Sauerkids, Mark Verhaagen, and Beck Wheeler amongst many more.

Run by the guys that do the citylights project, I'm told that the gallery usually holds contemporary and street art stuff ... so I'll be back here for sure.


MyCharlieGirl said...

awesome, i will have to check this one out next time i am in the city!

The Painted Sky said...

Sounds so cool, I am definitely going to check this place out when I'm next in Melbourne ( hopefully in a few weeks time ).

Thanks for alerting me to it's presence :)

A Reason to Paint said...

Ahh painted sky I knew this one would tickle your fancy ;)
Cool illustration!

Liss said...

I like this type of art. Ill have to check it out.