Thursday, September 27, 2007

One man's trash

Check out the silhouettes behind these trash sculptures. Amazing.
Tim Nobel and Sue Webster take piles of trash and make art into them... but sometimes the art isn't apparent until you see it in a different light.
(via Notcot)


Dan said...

Seems a bit gimmick-y to me

Ben Rowe said...

Unashameadly gimmicky Dan. But do you think that really matters?

It's definitely an eye catching exhibition, don't you think?

Jason said...

its one of those pieces where u look at it and go "ohhhhhhh i get it! hahhehhahehhah" then nothing .. there is no artistic content = so i agree .. gimmicky ..

and don't get me wrong, i know that most contemporary art has an element of fun and playfulness in it e.g Ricky Swallow's arcade games, but it also has to have more substance.

Ben Rowe said...

Isn't the artistic content in the creation? ie the labour of creating a pile of trash that is actually a lot more?

Not all of the pieces are great. But the one I've pictured is quite remarkable I think. If the image were a different medium (eg a painting of the silhouette), would you like it?

Obviously the medium (trash shadows) is a gimmicky medium but I think it's a nice image.

I'm no expert in contemporary art, but surely one of it's main aims is to go where no one has gone before?

Dan said...

"aims is to go where no one has gone before" not really ... LOL .. i think you might have a 'warped' idea of fine art. Everything has been done before .. original idea in art is seldom celebrated as much as original idea in design or invention, because in the end ... since art has no function ... it might be bad art.

Labour does not equal artistic content .. you might be looking for the word skill, and there is alot more to skill than just arranging piles of rubbish to get a silhouette.

you really need to look at much much more art .. and read alot more too

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