Sunday, August 26, 2007

What is this blog all about?

Basically, It's a diary for me to jot down some thoughts about starting a new business.

Here at day 2, I think it will be a mix of blog posts about art galleries, interesting exhibitions, and generally my learnings about art.

There will be some stuff about starting a business too, I guess. I read a lot online about entrepreneurship, and with a marketing background there's sure to be some posting about the joys pitfalls of starting a new business.

And it will be Melbourne focussed. I'm based in Melbourne, so my business will most likely be set up here in Melbourne too. I'm keen to submerge myself into the art scene here, so I'll be posting about art, artists and exhibitions around Melbourne.

Also I am a self-confessed internet geek, so I'm also keen to explore the possibility of an online element to the business. Do people buy art online? How do artists promote themselves online? I'd love to hear your thoughts

I'm not looking for 1000's of readers to this blog. But if you do find yourself here, I'm happy to have you. In fact, I'd love to get some reader feedback along the way about my art/business idea (whatever it may turn out to be). If it is a gallery that I decide to set up, I'll be looking for artists to be involved. If that's you, make sure you let me know who you are.

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