Sunday, August 26, 2007

Great Australian Artist #1

I'll also be using this blog to point out some great Melbourne artists that I come across.

First cab off the rank is Ben Thomas - check out his work over at City Shrinker. Ben takes shots of Melbourne and by using a special technique (I think it's called tilt-shifting) makes everything look like it's a model. Here's his latest:

If I do open up a gallery, Ben will be the first artist I'll try to get involved.

Are you an artist from Melbourne with some work to show off? Let me know via comments. Thanks.


MyCharlieGirl said...

yes, i have seen his work, i swear i thought it was little scenes he had made himself. i didnt realise they were real life scenes untill i read an article on his work :)

MyCharlieGirl said...

ps. loving your blog.

ben said...

hey ben,

just came across your blog. i would love to put some work up when you have things up and running.

ill be sure to keep checking in to see how youre going!

cheers – ben