Friday, August 31, 2007

This week's exhibitions

This week I said that I'd be going to the experimenta playground and Mudfest as my first art outings.

I did see one portion of Mudfest - the 'Separately Together' exhibition down at the wonderful Platform gallery. But after seeing that I decided that my time would be better spent at smaller galleries rather than at experimenta.

After all, my plans at this stage are to open up a small art gallery or art-related business... I guess I'm thinking of 'On the wall' type art rather than multimedia and installations. So I decided to visit a couple of smaller galleries to see how they run.

I've started in Northcote at the Kick Gallery, an independent gallery that are running an exhibition presenting some works by Tim Vagg. A few observations:

- There were around 25 pieces, ranging from about $600 to $2,500.
- Kick is a reasonable sized gallery, so the walls around the art were rather sparse.
- No labels of the art on the wall, other than a number, which was then referenced in the exhibition catalog (and presumeably marked with a red sticker if a piece was sold)

It's a nice gallery that focuses on contemporary art, in a good location (High Street). I had a brief chat with Jake Hoerner who runs the gallery, telling him about my plans to start a gallery or something similar. But more on that later.

While in Northcote I also popped into the Arts Project, which is a not-for-profit gallery, also on High Street. At this stage though, I'm thinking that a for-profit, independent style gallery like Kick is what I'm looking to do.

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