Thursday, August 30, 2007

The 'Austin Art Garage' model

The Austin Art Garage is an online gallery based out of Austin that I found this week.

They are all about promoting local, not so famous artists, as described on their site:
Why purchase manufactured prints from a big box retailer when you can own a handmade, original work of art from a local (perhaps financially struggling) artist? Original artwork can bring joy for a lifetime, so why not be selective and find something one-of-a-kind while supporting an artist's career in your community?

Austin Art Garage directly connects you to the innovative and artistic culture that represents Austin Texas.

This may be your rare opportunity to acquire beautiful and original art early in an Austin artist's career while it's still affordable. Basically, we are not looking for famous artists; we're in favor of the underdog and dedicated to helping them succeed.
This is the type of model that interests me. I'm sure that there would be enough artists in Melbourne and Victoria to fill a gallery. Focussing on the non-famous artist would be a way to keep the overall price of art down ... but more importantly the gallery could help springboard the career of an artist.

Do you think that this could work here in Melbourne? Would you (or someone you know) be interested in exhibiting one or two pieces in a gallery like this?


Liss said...

Yes I love this model!!! I think Art needs to be affordable...everyone deserves a beautiful piece of art, and there are plenty of artist around victoria who need some exposure.

David Ohlerking said... similar but more ghetto.