Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Art tours in Melbourne

I've just found out about a couple of art walking tours around Melbourne.

Bernadette Alibrando's Walk to Art tours. Bernadette takes people on a walking tour of the city to find art off the beaten track.

And Hidden Secrets do something similar (although a bit cheaper, by the looks).

Has anyone been on one of these walks before? What did you think?

They sound like a great way to find some of the hidden gems in the city, so it's gone on my todo list. But as far as my art business goes, perhaps I shouldn't restrict my thinking to just 'opening a gallery'. I'm sure there are all sorts of businesses around that are art-related, while not specifically an art space.

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Liss said...

Hi there Ben,
thanks for the visit to my blog. I can relate to your story !! Ive always love art and photography. I studied it up until year12 and even did some photography studies at uni. But it was never the "sensible" choice to follow.

So I'm now trying to bring some creativeness back into my life...and blogging is a great medium to start that.

I look forward to reading your blog...even better that your a Melbournite!


p.s. thanks for the polaroid links.