Saturday, February 23, 2008

Introducing ... (drum roll please)

This weekend, Artdabble is 6 months old. Back on the 25th of August 2007, I had a plan to get into an art business of some sort. I wasn't really sure what. And I chose to use this blog as a way of exploring what that business might be.

So, after 6 months of this blog, I think it's time I told you some more about what I'm up to. In the last few weeks, I've been introducing the artists, but I haven't actually given any details about what it will be called, and how it will work.

It's about time. So, I'd like to introduce to you : 'I vote for art', a new online art gallery that I'll be launching in the next month or so.

You won't see much at just yet. But in March or April, I'll be launching the site. If you're interested, I'll be writing about it here.

I've been working heavily behind the scenes in creating this little business. I've used the blog to share some ideas about whether it should be online or offline, and at the high or affordable end of the market. And to talk about the exhibitions I've visited.

In the process, I've found some fantastic art sites and blogs, and met some new friends. I've visited some galleries, both online and off. And I've discovered some amazing artists. I have definitely learnt a lot about art, and my own taste in art, since I started this blog. And I've learnt so much from my readers.

The comments, both positive and negative, have taught me so much, and pointed me in the direction that I'm heading in. Thanks to you all for reading, and sharing your thoughts.

In the next couple of months, I'll be telling you more about 'I vote for art'. So stay tuned.

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