Sunday, February 3, 2008

My very first artist - Kokomoo

Back in December I mentioned that I was going through the process of contacting artists for my gallery.

Now we're in February, I'm proud to say that I have 29 artists who are interested in being part of my project - And I thought it was about time that I let you know who they are.

So, my very first artist who wanted to be involved was Yan Wei, aka Kokomoo, from China. I first found her art through her myspace page, and have been in love with her work ever since.

Kokomoo is based in Beijing, and she will be starting with 4-5 black and white illustrations on the site. Including this one, entitled "Happy Meal".

She has recently been featured on Start Drawing, an incredible blog that showcases artists from Asia.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see more artists.

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A Reason to Paint said...

I had a look at Kokomoo's blog and really enjoyed seeing her work. Cool find Ben; if this is the quality of the work you are going to be exhibiting I think your online gallery has a lot of promise. Looking forward to seeing more.