Thursday, March 13, 2008

May Contain Traces of Nuts

So much for me saying that I'd visit an exhibition a week, I haven't been to see one in a couple of months.

But I'm thinking about going to this tomorrow night ...

May Contain Traces of Nuts
features new art by:

ben frost -
trent whitehead -
beastman -
jae copp -
ainslie fletcher -
sam smith -
adrian knott -

It's on at paper shadow gallery @ miss libertines -34 franklin street, melbourne

Anyone keen to join me?

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Mike said...

Since you like illustrational type of work you might want to check out Del Katryn Barton's exhibition at Karen Woodbury gallery which is on the Albert St Gallery precinct.I personally think its over rated, but then to each his own.

John Buckley also on that street has some interesting collage show which i think might still be on. Plus One of the other galleries across from it (i think its the one on the first floor) has some well made crafty sculpture.