Monday, March 10, 2008

Jim Bradshaw

I'm really excited to have Jim Bradshaw, a US based pop surrealist on the site.

Jim's work is interesting and fun, and you can tell he's the type of artist that doesn't take himelf too seriously ... the bio information he sent me explains it all.

Jim was raised in New Jersey and now lives in the

rural south part of the state. He digs everything to
do with art, design and creativity. There is this
overwhelming passion that drives all his works. He
also loves cheeseburgers and you should see the
passion he puts into eating one or three of those bad
boys. Anyway, back on topic. Humorous illustration and pop surrealism is what he is drawn to. Some topics you'll find showing up in his recent work are dreams, the tyranny of time, life & death, the innocence of childhood versus the mixed up adult world we are all exist in, good versus evil, and just plain fun, whacked out, made up worlds that swirl around in Jim's brain.
Little Life and Death Parade, featured here, is one of four pieces that Jim will be selling on 'I vote for art'. But you can check out more of his work at his website or his blog.

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