Tuesday, March 4, 2008

All the way from Argentina

Buenos Aires, it seems, is on fire.

In my travels for great art and illustration, I'm constantly finding great artists from Argentina, especially Buenos Aires. It makes me want to go there really badly. What is it about this city that is churning out such amazing artist talent?

My first two Argentinian artists are Seniorita Polyester and himnoefeda!

Seniorita Polyester has two very unique styles of work. Her collages - like this one4a & 5a - are nothing short of brilliant. But her illustration work is also to die for, with that perfect blend of cute and evil.

himnofeda! is the master of character illustration, and pieces like this one, NiƱo Cuete

Collectively, these guys are working together on a project called eat your carrots - which I can't wait to hear more about.

I first found these guys on flickr ... You can follow Seniorita Polyester and himnofeda!, and fall in love with their work like I have.

You can check out the other pieces that they will be selling over at the 'I vote for art' flickr page.


The Creep said...

YAY! himnofeda!

Man, Ivoteforart.com is going to rule. I can't wait till it opens.

Lawrence Yang said...

Loving all the artists you're picking Ben, some real inspirational work you're exposing =). Can't wait until the site is up!