Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finding Paper

I've had a great afternoon, finishing off a day's work with a visit to Image Science, who will be doing the prints for my gallery.

I'd heard good things from several people about these guys, and so organised a meeting to get things started. I've also been spending some time recently on their website, which is a very comprehensive resource to learn about Art printing and reproduction.

Jeremy talked me through the different type paper that they use, including Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 308, which I've heard good things about. He also recommended Crane Portfolio Rag paper for larger prints, as it flattens better after being unrolled.

There's also the option of printing onto canvas. Although I think to start with, I'll probably just be sticking to the photo rag paper.

As far as printers go, they use high quality Epson pigment ink printers, which ensure a long lasting, high quality print. The samples that he showed me were fantastic. But good image capture and colour management are a big part of the outcome, too.

Not sure if any of my readers have had any experience Image Science before. What did you think? I haven't had any prints done by them yet. But I have a really good feeling about these guys.


Creep Machine said...

Love that photo rag paper, probly the best there is really.

I have never been a fan of prints on canvas. They kind of seem gimicky to me. Like people are trying to hide that its a print.

Hollabee said...

We use Hahnemuhle partner is a photographer and prints at Image's a great place. Jeremy is really helpful and the prints are perfect. Goodluck