Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Decapitator

Via PSFK: An interesting street artist / culture-jammer in East London know as The Decapitator is making his/her mark.
Known as “The East London Decapitator,” an unknown artist has been lurking through the streets of London and cutting off the heads of characters seen in mainstream advertisements. With partially exposed spines and blood splatter, each piece displays a considerable amount of detail.
For those of us not in London, here's The Decapitator's flickr photos to see some more incredible pieces, like the one pictured here.

It's interesting that street-art has evolved so much in recent years. The quality of the work shines (compare this to the old-fashioned tagging and graffiti), and street-artists are challenging what is and isn't vandalism. This surely isn't.

I also think this is a really good example of one of the many new ways artists have to promote their art and themselves. By capturing the work on flickr, it makes it easier for art bloggers and journalists to spread the word about their art.

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