Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Great Australian Artist #6

Jim Thalassoudis gets my vote today as a great local artist. Jim does a lot of work on skies at sunset, a subject that he does an amazing job of.

I recently saw one of his works at the brilliant Exquisite Palette exhibition at St. Lukes.

Be sure to check out Jim's Small Paintings Project, an ongoing project where Jim is going to sell small original paintings via the website, at very affordable prices. If you head over now, you might even get your hands on the first piece on sale (pictured here).


The Painted Sky said...

Thanks for the plug Ben.

Hopefully this idea will take off and maybe even pay for the expensive oils I use? ;)

I'll be having a solo exhibition in Melbourne during the middle of next year at Charles Nodrum Gallery. There you'll be able to see my "normal" large paintings.

Ben Rowe said...

Keep us all posted Jim! Would love to meet you when you're over here.

Good luck with Small Paintings