Saturday, December 15, 2007

On-line Gallery? Or on-line store?

I'm sitting down tonight, writing the copy, the actual words, that will appear on the website.

My designer is 95% finished what e has to do, and the web developer is making the whole thing work. My job is to think about what should be written and how.

So to start with, I need to ask - Is my online 'gallery' actually a gallery at all, or is it just an online store that sells art?

My old friend Wikipedia tells me that:
An art gallery or art museum is a space for the exhibition of art, usually visual art. Paintings are the most commonly displayed medium; however, sculpture, photographs, illustrations, installation art and objects from the applied arts may also be shown.

So, technically, my website will be a space that exhibits art - meaning I can call it a gallery.

But do you think an art gallery can actually be on the internet? There are hundreds of websites calling themselves an online art gallery? But is there really such a thing?

So what should I do? Call it a shop or a gallery?

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Liss said...

I believe you can call it a gallery. To me a gallery is just a space where you can view art (either physical space or virtual space). I truly believe that the idea of an art gallery is changing. I think in the near future we will view and find art online (as we are already doing) and go along to exhibitions (like the Jacky Winter one) to see original works in the flesh.