Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jacky Winter Group

In the last few months I've managed to clock up quite a few gallery visits here in Melbourne. But I'd have to say that the Jacky Winter group exhibition/party tonight was probably my favourite.

The Jacky Winter group, if you haven't heard of them, is a fine collection of Australian illustrators that was put together by Jeremy Wortsman. And the collection of artists was astounding. I'd came across the Jack Winter website before, and I have been looking forward to this exhibition since I first heard about it.

We got to see some excellent work by Timothy Molloy, Lilly Piri, Cailan Burns and Pandarosa, among many, many more. And I was tickled to be able to meet some artists that will hopefully be part of my little online art project.

If you missed the show tonight, there is another opening tomorrow (Fri 21st) ... more details here. I strongly recommended that you take a peek.


Liss said...

I'm going to catch it tonight :-)

life-draw said...

You've been tagged! WTF?


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