Thursday, November 22, 2007

Canvas is everywhere

Something that people will either love or hate about art in the 21st centurt is that it can be anywhere, on anything.

I've just stumbled upon popcling, a website where you can purchase art from several established artists (including Jeremyville and Sauerkids) ... although not on traditional media.

Instead you can buy their work on skateboard decks, wall decalls, t-shirts and the like. It's a cool site.

And when you look around, nowadays anything can be a 'canvas' for art. Even mobile phone wallpapers, or the lid of a laptop, as shown here.

Art purists may pronounce this as the death of art, where everything artistic is nothing but capitalist product. But I see it differently.

A lot of today's artists are getting there work out in a variety of ways.

And people consume art differently these days, methinks. Just as people have much greater choice about the way they consume media, they have choices about when, and on what, they consume art.

Love it or hate it, I think that's the way things are moving. Perhaps it's younger people driving this trend. But art no longer belongs to an exclusive few. It's all part of the greater democratization of art,

Art produced in the 1900's and in centuries before was (speaking very generally) produced for walls in galleries. Still true today - But not always the way things work anymore.

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