Monday, November 26, 2007

Art Magazines

Just wanted to the word out about a few good art magazines that I've picked up recently, at least since I started this blog.

Juxtapoz - Juxtapoz mag is somewhat synonymous with the pop-surrealism style of art (at least according to Wikipedia), and created by painter Robert Williams

One thing that's nice about this mag is that subscribers get their own cover. One reason I might be subscribing any moment now.

Juxtapoz can be found at Magnation, and probably plenty of other places too.

Next up is Hi Fructose. This is a reasonably new mag, as volume 6 has just been released.

Founded by two artists, Annie Owens and Attaboy, I've picked up a few editions of this. It's the magazine that opened my eyes up to a whole host of great artists and galleries.

They've also recently ran an exhibition, Bitters and Sweets at the

Outre sells this one.

And finally, there's Giant Robot. Just celebrating their 50th issue, Giant Robot was launched with no budget in 1994 by Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong, and has grown ever since.

Labelled the magazine for '
Asian and Asian-American pop culture and beyond', Giant Robot is another great way to discover great artists and other general, radom stuff.

Now I'm sure there's plenty more art magazines worth reading - these are just the one's that I've bought so far (excluding the art almanac). Anyone else have some suggestions?


A Reason to Paint said...

Hi Fructose looks pretty cool and following the links to see where else I could get it I found Curious Eidolon which also looks worth checking out.

Ben Rowe said...

Definitely. Thanks for the tip Treica

The Painted Sky said...

Triecia, Curious Eidolon?
Love the did you find out about it?

I bet a pink bunny wabbit told you?


The Painted Sky said...

PS The magazines, I've been reading them for years except Hi Fructose which is hard to get....but I have the Ryden issue ;)

A Reason to Paint said...

No, a pink rabbit can't take the credit for that one Painted Sky; I found it all by myself! Just like I found another Magantion yesterday at Chaddy (Chadstone to non-Melbournians) How cool is that?!!