Thursday, May 15, 2008

More new artists

Here are just some of the new artists that will also be appearing on when it launches ... which is only about one week away!

One of the first original pieces that will be on sale is this one, Pan drives a Volvo, by Australian artist Magic Jelly.

It's an Ink & Pencil drawing & Collage, with vintage paper strips in the background. I can only hope to have more of these to sell as time goes on.

Over on the other side of the world, Barcelona-based designer and Illustratator, .Cesc. is selling 3 tre-cool pieces on the site, including this on on the right, Invaders. .Cesc does a combination of 2D and 3D digital images. Which rock my socks.

Texan-based Jason Limon is also going to be selling some prints, including 9 Voltz, pictured on the left.

The prints are all of Jason's original canvas paintings. I just love Jason's subjects. He paints batteries, bottle tops and all sorts of interesting things.

Also in the US is Ukranian born artist Tanya Pshenychny, who illustrates using watercolours. No room for traitors, pictured right, demonstrates her amazing style of work.

Next up is TOOCO. To be honest I'm not quite sure how to go about describing the work of this Argentinian artist. But we love her abstract stuff, and reckon you will too. On the left here is Before we sleep.

Now for something completely different. I'm excited to have Manchesters' Andy Council on i vote for art, with some amazing work. His creations are incredibly intricate creatures or roosters, dinosaurs and outher amazing creatures - like Cwmbranasaurus on the right. How cool?

I started this post with an Australian artist, so it makes sense to end with one too. Nathaniel Eckstrom is a Sydney based artist that I blogged about late last year. So naturally I'm delighted to have some of his pieces on the site, including this last picture, A glimpse of something new.

As you can see, there's a whole stack of artists that are going to be of the site when it launches ... all from different pockets of the world.

Make sure you check out my flickr page to have a look at all the pieces that will be on sale.


Wilmer Murillo said...

recent submitions are really great.
I'm excited about ivoteforart.
May i ask which date will the site be launched in?

Andy Council said...

I'm from Bristol UK not Manchester!!!