Saturday, May 10, 2008

Exhibitions this weekend

I'm getting out this weekend and seeing a couple of exhibition in Melbourne. Both of which I think are going to be great.

Tonight is the opening of "Haven't we met before", at Kick Gallery in Northcote, featuring a whole whole swag of great artists:

Andrea Innocent
Brooke Bobridge
Catherine Campbell
Coralie Kane
Eveline Tatunadjaja.
Sean Morris

And tomorrow I'll be heading over to South Melbourne to see "The Drawing Machine" at the Green-wood gallery. I missed the opening night last week, but am very keen to see this one.

This is another group exhibition, curated by ghostpatrol and miso.

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my love for you. said...

i'm so jel that you get to see this exhibit. both in fact. so good.
thanks for coming by and saying hello!
always a stop by is much appreciated!